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Privacy and Cookies Policy

The following Privacy Policy specifies the rules for storing and accessing information on the User's devices using Cookies, used to provide electronic services requested by the User by Business & Sport Group Sp. z o.o. based in Warsaw


I. Definitions

Administrator - means Business & Sport Group Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw, entered into the National Court Register by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw Warsaw in Warsaw, XII Commercial Department of the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000655151, with share capital PLN 5,000, NIP 701-064-53-63, REGON 366158772, which provides services electronically and stores and gains access to information in User's devices.

Cookies - these are IT data, especially small text files, saved and stored on devices through which the User uses the Website's pages.

Administrator's Cookies – these are cookies placed by the Administrator, related to the provision of electronic services by the Administrator through the Website.

External Cookies - these are cookies placed by the Administrator's partners through the Website's website.

Website - is a website or application under which the Administrator manages the website, operating in the domain: www.sportscoffee.eu

Device - means an electronic device through which the User has access to the Website.

User - is an entity for which services may be provided electronically on the terms set out in the Regulations and in accordance with the law, or with which an Agreement for the provision of electronic services may be concluded.

II. General rules regarding the Administrator's handling of Users' personal data

  1. The Administrator does not disclose or sell to Users third parties personal or address data of Users, without expressing explicit consent by Users. The administrator is obliged to do this only at the request of the court, prosecutor's office, police or other legal authority.

If the User agrees, the data provided may be used for marketing purposes.

The User's anonymity exists until the first purchase on the Website, completing the contact form on the Website or subscription to the electronic newsletter (newsletter). In the above cases, it is required to provide (electronically or otherwise) fixed contact details, which in turn are sent to the system via a connection.

The purchase of the User of the goods in the store and registration in the store is thus associated with the consent to the collection and processing of personal data within the meaning of the Act of August 29, 1997 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 101 item 926 as amended). This information is used only to process the order, including the issue of a sales receipt (receipt or VAT invoice) and shipment of products. In connection with the above, the store has the right to share the collected data with its trading partners, only for the purposes of efficient order processing.

III. Types of Cookies used

Cookies used by the Administrator are safe for the User's Device. Virus or other undesirable or malicious software cannot get into Users' Devices in this way. Cookies allow you to characterize the software used by the User and adapt the Website to each User individually. Cookies usually contain the name of the domain from which they originate, their storage time on the Device, as well as the assigned value.

The administrator uses two types of cookies:

Session cookies: they are stored on the User's Device and remain there until the end of the browser session. The saved information is then permanently deleted from the Device's memory. The session cookies mechanism does not collect any personal data or other confidential information from the User's Device.

Persistent cookies: they are stored on the User's Device and remain there until they are deleted. The end of the browser session or turning off the Device will not*them from the User's Device. The persistent cookies mechanism does not collect any personal data or other confidential information from the User's Device.

The User may limit or disable cookies access to their Device. If the User chooses this option, the use of the Website will be possible, but apart from functions which, by their nature, require cookies.

IV. The purposes for which cookies are used

The administrator uses own cookies for the following purposes:

  • Website configuration
  • adapting the content of the Website pages to the User's preferences as well as optimizing the use of Website pages.
  • identify the Website User's device as well as its location and display a website tailored to his individual needs.


  • To authenticate the user on the website and to provide the user's session on the website
  • maintaining the continuity of the Website User's session (after logging in), thanks to which there is no need to re-enter the login and password;
  • proper configuration of selected Website functions, enabling in particular checking the authenticity of the browser session.
  • optimizing and improving the quality of services provided by the Administrator.


  • Implementation of processes necessary for the full functionality of websites
  • adapting the content of the Website's pages to the User's needs and optimizing the use of the Website's websites. In particular, these files allow to extract the basic parameters of the User's Device and display the website in accordance with them, tailored to his individual needs;
  • providing access to the "Basket" function on the Website.


  • Analysis and research and audience audit
  • creating anonymous statistics that are designed to understand how Website Users use Website pages, which gives the opportunity to improve their structure and content.
  • Ensuring the safety and reliability of the website


  1. The administrator of the service uses external cookies for the following purposes:
  • collecting general and anonymous static data through analytical tools, e.g. Google Analytics.
  • presenting advertisements adapted to the User's preferences using the online advertising tool, e.g. Google AdSense.
  • login to the site using a social networking site, e.g. Facebook.com.
  • using interactive functions to popularize the Website through social networking websites, including such as Facebook.com,
  • providing opinions on the Website's pages, which are downloaded from external websites

V. Possibilities to determine the conditions of storage or access by Cookies

The User has the option of changing the settings for Cookies at any time, specifying the conditions for their storage and access by Cookies to the User's Device. The settings referred to above can be changed by the user through the web browser settings. These settings can be changed in particular in such a way as to block the automatic handling of cookies in the web browser settings or to inform about each time cookies are placed on the User's device. Additional information about the possibilities and ways of handling cookies can be found in the software (web browser) settings.

Cookies can be deleted by the User by using the available functions in the web browser that is used.

Restricting the use of cookies may affect some of the functionalities available on the Website's website.

VI. newsletters

The consent expressed during registration of the account in the store or at a later time to receive free newsletters by e-mail allows the Administrator to periodically send Website users information about new products, collections, events, promotions, sales, contests or other information related to the store's activities.

Receiving newsletters can be canceled at any time by disabling this function by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link found in every sent e-mail. Unsubscribing from the subscription is not tantamount to deleting the account on the Website.

The administrator has the right to:

  • sending via commercial newsletter and commercial information within the meaning of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws No. 144, Item 1204 of 2002);
  • temporarily disabling the newsletter service for technical reasons;
  • discontinuing the newsletter service without providing a reason, after

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