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Love for caffeine and passion for sport have become the canvas for creating the first sports coffee on polish market. Sports Coffee is an intense and expressive product that contains more caffeine than the standard varieties of coffee available on store shelves and at the same time has fewer calories. One cup provides daily energy for athletes, physically and professionally active people and those who love to move and take care of their figure.

Our coffee not only stimulates but also increases resistance to fatigue, improves concentration and memory and also speeds up metabolism and fat burning. What's more - thanks to the higher content of caffeine, it positively affects our well-being, releasing the "happiness hormone", i.e. endorphin, as well as dopamine, serotonin and adrenaline.

The product is completely natural - it is a mixture of several varieties of coffee in properly selected proportions. Subtle to the nose and palate, it provides a unique aromatic and taste experience to which we will return regularly.

Our coffee beans come from the best Brazilian plantations, guaranteeing natural cultivation without the use of harmful pesticides where the working people get a fair remuneration for their work.

Sports Coffee is an excellent and, above all, 100% natural (without any additives) replacement for nutrients, gels or other artificial energy products. Coffee blends are the manufacturer's trade secret which means that no one will counterfeit its flavor, aroma and energy values.

It is a coffee that will wake you up, and its unique taste and aroma will make the day better!


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